Friday, July 28, 2017

Settling In...

Council Bluffs Iowa has been lovely to us. I find myself having more time to think, more time to waste and watch junk tv. Ha ha. 

We are all moved into our loft, and we love it. This place is so different from every other place we have ever been and I feel so lucky!! I feel I am definitely in the beginning of a new chapter of life. Not only is our new home also my new job, but this place is only for artists! Harvester Artist Lofts has a gallery, a garden, and four floors of amazing art from artists who have lived here or do live here currently. I envision my work hanging in the halls someday. 

Did I mention we are 5 miles away from Omaha?? Yes, Omaha, NE! We are 5 miles from Omaha and its a beautiful city. Council Bluffs is a beautiful town and it is located on the Missouri river which is the border of Nebraska. Our loft is located in downtown Council Bluffs, literally 1 block away from everything. 

Our loft is spacious and comfortable. We have beautiful windows with a 4th floor view! We have updated appliances, and a modern renovation in every unit. 

I had a dream when I was 30 that by the time I was 40 I would be doing what I wanted to be doing. I am 38. I look forward to my 40th birthday when I will have been here a while, settled in and perhaps having my own gallery show. I have worked hard to get here and my work is not done yet. I have changed my life and this is what I have to show for that. AMBITION!