Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I figure I need to just use this blog more and this can help me update everyone who wants to know what we are up to!

So its happening, AGAIN! I have taken a job with a place called "Harvester Artist Lofts" in Council Bluffs, IA. Its this amazing redesigned building that offers a home to artists who have lower income levels. This place is beautiful and very unique. I love that I am in a larger area and literally minutes from Omaha, NE. Seems to have a lot of opportunity! 

This job will not only allow me more time for myself, but also nourish my artistic side! How amazing that there is an artist gallery on site for anyone to use. So much inspiration, and I will be surrounded by like-minded people. This journey will just lead me to the next...and so on with our ultimate goal, COLORADO!!! We arent far now! I do feel that I will stay put in Council Bluffs for a while if I can so I can absorb this place before we relocate again.

Well ciao for now!
- Jennifer