Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Focused Energy

There is no telling where life's journey will take you. Today, I am living in Galesburg, IL working at a mobile home community. Just 6 months ago I was still in GA, wishing and asking the universe to get me out of there! Focused energy can make things happen. Period.

Concentrating on a destination. Looking at visuals and saying, out loud, that this is what you want; helped me. Sending that vibe or energy into the desire of your dreams; can make your dreams come true. But some say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Be specific when asking the universe for what you want or you will get exactly what you wish for and MORE! This happened to me. So now I am getting more specific, but also taking baby steps in the direction of my goals. So if I want to move to Colorado, maybe I will take a job in another state that is closer to the destination. I dont have to get there over night.

Since being sober, I have been the most clear headed ever since I was probably 15 years old. Even then I was an emotional teen, so that probably should not count! I process my thoughts at such a high rate that I have developed anxiety with bouts of depression. I am seeing my true self in such a way I never knew existed because I hid behind drugs and alcohol for so many years. I never allowed myself to feel what was real and true. Sure, some days, I miss getting off work and having some "happy hour" time where I indulge in some drinks and take my mind off work. But like every thing you do, eventually, you build up a routine that can turn into an addiction. What I learned about addiction is that you don't know you have an addiction (to anything) until you try to quit. 

The point of this blog post was to express my situation, my outlook, my might not happen for everyone like it has happened for me. I dont label my journey with a religious name. I do not "pray" to a god, but rather my spirits around me and the universe or higher power. Whatever fits for you! I have read a lot of different paths and religions and I have taken from each a different lesson and/or a different message. And that is ALL THAT MATTERS!! Your journey is  yours alone and no one can tell you what to believe in.