Friday, May 8, 2015

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

There is not a moment in my life that I could imagine not having you in it. I am so thankful everyday that I have you around, as so many others have lost their own, just like you did. I don't think there are words that can express the emotion I feel when I think about how much I love you. I have to pause writing this, and really gather my thoughts and emotions. In that pause, I remember your hugs when I was little. I remember your tears when I was hurt. I remember a lot of tears actually... because, like other young teen girls, I tested your sanity with all of my might. I pushed you away. I hated you for grounding me to my room. I rebelled without a cause. Maybe this was to prepare you for something great. I am not sure myself, I just know that I was out of control.

But, you never gave up on me. Always let me come back home. You had to know the storm inside of me would pass eventually. years later, here I am at 36 years old! Even though I have no children of my own yet, I do applaud you for being so strong. Holding it all together when you could have just threw in the towel. I admire that most about you.

Thank you mom, for loving me so much. Every lifetime we have, I know our souls are meeting up and we are on this path together for a reason. I pray that we continue to grow and learn from each other. I know we are not promised forever on this earth, and when our time comes to depart I need you to know that you are an amazing mom and I love you in this life and will in the next.

Love always,